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Victoria Hillman

"I am a scientist by training with a BSc in zoology with marine zoology from the University of Wales, Bangor and an MSc in Wildlife Biology and Conservation from Edinburgh Napier University, photography for a long time was just a hobby.

I don't have any photographic qualifications or training, I am completely self-taught learning as I go, looking at what I like or don't like and being critical of my own work looking at ways to improve. From an early age I have enjoyed being outdoors and had a fascination for all things living. This was an interest that was encouraged and nurtured by my family and teachers. In the years that followed I developed a deep understanding and passion for the natural world and knew that working with animals was the career path for me. Alongside my studies I began to develop my photography with the help of family, friends and teachers. This development is ongoing, learning more every time I go out with my camera and has blossomed into my own unique way of portraying the natural world.

Throughout university and the years that followed I spent time travelling, learning and experiencing different cultures and they way they view their natural surroundings and wildlife, photographing nature and volunteering on research projects. I now regularly take photographs for Secret World Wildlife Rescue and also run the photography days to aid them in their publicity and fund raising.

I am an Ambassador for Manfrotto, award winning photographer and 2013 also saw me invited to be a National Geographic Explorer writing regular updates on National Geographic funded research in the Eastern Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania for the Transylvanian Wildlife Project. I have contributed both articles and images to various magazines, books, calendars, TV series and BBC websites.

My passion is to share with people the way I see the natural world in the hope that I can help to change peoples’ perceptions and inspire them to get outdoors, understand, enjoy and conserve its beauty. I always put the safety and welfare of both my subject and the environment first even if this means missing a crucial opportunity. The trust that I am able to build up over time with my subjects is very rewarding, allowing me to enjoy and capture aspects of their day to day life."

Over the last few months my focus (no pun intended) has changed to macro work, spending time recording and photographing all the smaller things we have around us, from plants to insects with the odd reptile thrown in for good measure and this will be my project over the next few years. As I collect new images I will upload them to the galleries and you will definitely see this shift over time, but I will be really aiming to bring out the beauty and characters of my subjects using more artistic images and developing new ideas and techniques along the way to really bring out details and characters of my subjects. As I explore this world of macro I am delighted to now offer a talk on just macro work in the field and from 2016 my Forgotten Little Creatures talk will also be available to book.

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