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Sean McCormack

As a photographer Sean McCormack’s main interest has always been with people. He started out shooting bands in a live environment, and progressed from there to studio and back to working with lighting on location, mixing his passion for people with his passion for landscape and urban imagery.
As an award winning photographer, Sean’s aim is to provide his clients with imagery that presents them, or their product, at their best. Whatever your need, from band, to fashion, or even simple headshots, you will come away with a memorable and usable photo.
His photographic background extends to his writing. As an early adoptor of Photoshop Lightroom, he’s been in a position to write about the product both in book form with “Photoshop Lightroom 2 Made Easy”, online with his own “Lightroom Blog” and for “Lightroom News”. He has also written and continues to write about Lightroom for Professional Imagemaker, the SWPP society magazine, along with Photoshop User Magazine and
His other roles include Help Moderator for Lightroom for Adobe, Moderator for and as a moderator on the Strobist Flickr group.
Presets and Plugins
Along with all this, he creates Presets packs for Lightroom, and has a series of Web gallery Plugins, the most popular being LRB Portfolio.
You can stay up to date with Sean’s general photography on his Random Panderings Blog, and with his Lightroom stuff at Lightroom Blog.


For courses please contact Sean direct or visit his blog 


Photoshop Lightroom 2 Made Easy

Lightroom Blog

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