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Nigel Forster

Nigel has always had a passion for the outdoors; the mountains in particular, travel and for landscape photography. He used to earn a living firstly as a Landscape Architect and subsequently the director of a community regeneration charity in South Wales.

On reaching his 50th birthday he decided it was time for a career change (otherwise known as a mid-life crisis!). Rather naively he thought he would make a living out of climbing mountains and taking pictures.............if only making a living out of photography was so simple!
So, a year after doing little else but taking pictures and realising that digital photography wasn't just a new version of taking pictures on film, in August 2009 Creative Photography Wales was born with a plan to combine his photography with some aspects of my professional background..........not that he ever intended to become a teacher!
So far and in the main so good.....if you want to know any more about my business either call Nigel on 01874 676402 or go to the his Contact Page - Click here

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