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Jay Pearce

Videographer for The Photographer Academy

My love of photography started a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away! Bit of a star wars fan, sorry, couldn't help myself. Seriously my love of photography started when I was 15 when I got my first 35mm camera. My uncle who isn't a bad photographer himself taught me how to use it and I fell in love with black and white photography.
I lost my way for a few years and then rediscovered photography about 10 years ago. Now in the world of digital am still in love with black and white, but have discovered infrared, colour and the iPhone to create my images.
Infrared - my love for this was an accident. We were loaned a converted camera and i went out shooting with it then decided to take it on a trip to New York and the results were just awesome.
Mono - have already banged on about my love for black and white. It can create the most powerful images.
iPhone - just blows my mind what it can do and always in my pocket to capture life and the world with.
Travel - love to visit new places and record what my eyes see and share how i see the world.
Music - love music so the natural progression was to shoot bands and have been lucky enough to shoot some of my heroes.
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