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Some feedback from our members...

That was the first time I've sat in on one of your critique sessions and it was fantastic.  I was so pleased that you avoided the trap camera club judges fall into - you recognised the difference between photos for competitions and critiques and photos that clients will love.  And I was so pleased that it was being recorded because I kept wanting to rewind and listen again to something you said.

October 2011

Just wanted to say many thanks for doing these talks and helping us less savy business photographers increase our turnover with these promo's.
September 2011

 I thought the training was absolutely fantastic, especially all the marketing advice. I put some of it to use straight away, and have got a busy few days ahead! Mark is a great and engaging tutor and works really hard to provide an information packed day and to show you examples of products you can use in the field.
Sept 2011

This is my second year with PT4U and I can say I have learned, and continue to learn a great deal from the videos.  If I was younger I would look to a career in wedding photography, but nevertheless I still hope to progress a little way down this road over the next few years. 

August 2011

I must admit that one of the best things that have happened to me about photography was when I participated in your 'flash-course' in Copenhagen in spring 2011 and afterwards 'joined' PhotoTraining4U.


I have had a lot of inspiration from your courses and webinar too....
August 2011

PT4U is just fantastic, I have attended several photography courses that have turned out to be not as informative as I would have hoped, so PT4U has been the best money I've spent. Especailly as a mum retraining as the kids grow up.

August 2011

Just watched the film of the B&W shoot of Rebecca in the hotel - this is simply insperational and awsome. The camera obviously loves Rebecca and she's clearly naturally gifted, but I'm just blown away by the seemless, fluid manner Mark blends and stiches the whole thing together - for me the cost of PT4U for the year is justified in watching this in isolation!

Only one down side - makes me wonder how I begin to get images like that myself? Thank you - and great value for money!
August 2011

learnt more in the last two weeks on PT4U than I have since I went digital in 2005
August 2011

Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team. I joined PT4U last year mainly because of Studio Watch that was going to be the big new thing on the training site, you announced it at a Monkey Business seminar. Following your advice I have also got out of working all hours god sends and being a "busy fool". Michelle is great and very brave! I'll definitely be keeping my membership going. Love it!
July 2011

I've only just started my portrait and wedding photography business and I'm finding Phototraining4U an absolutely essential part of my business life at the moment. The site revamp is brilliant and the added iPad compatibility is particularly useful for me, thanks!
July 2011

What a great site, thanks so much for making photography so simple.
July 2011

Just want to say thank you for such great online training. The video light training was precisely what I wanted - superb Many thanks from a very happy client.
May 2011

Thanks Mark for the Photoshopfilm on Phototraining4you. I love them !
Sign up people and learn how to do.
April 2011

Wow guys! I am so happy that I've joined PhotoTraining4U!
I've only seen some 20-30 films as of yet but they are absolutely awesome! Thank you
April 2011

Just a quick note to say that since I become a member of the pt4U which I joined at Focus, I have learned so much and I'm slowly putting this into action. I spend most of my photography in my studio and the feather lighting not only makes sense really makes a difference to the images.
March 2011

I really get a great deal from PT4U - it's the next best thing to having access to an experienced pro 24/7 - I honestly have been able to get solid understandable solutions to some really nagging questions.
March 2011

I only signed up to the site on Wednesday at focus and to be honest I was a little sceptical on what to expect.
It was really great to find out how in-depth the tutorials were and I also think the webinair is a fantastic way to get professional critique.
March 2011

I would like to say I have learnt more in the 2 weeks I have been a
member than on any other course I have done. The value for money is outstanding and what I have learnt from the films I have watched would have cost me a lot more in money and in time had I attended other courses.

I think mark is a master at his art, and has a vast amount of
experience in all types of photography. I generally believe that he
wants people to be successful, but his standards are high and he wants them to do it properly ,and as the title says professionally.

I think that due to the economic down turn, that many Professionals
have turned to teaching as a means of extra income, as work dry's up or amature photographers do it for less or sometimes free. At times this shows as charges are high and getting money through the door seems to be their main objective. Yes that s what we all aim for at the end of the day, but I believe if you pay for a s ervice you should get a good service. If you teach Photography then your photography should be excellent, And just because you are a Photographer does not make you a good teacher.

With Mark this is the opposite, he explains everything very clearly and starts at the bottom showing different ways to accomplish the same thing, and as mentioned before, the value for money is fantastic.

So keep up the good work Mark you seem to have a good team around you
as all emails or questions have been answered very quickly

March 2011

Just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know that since coming on MB5 and watching Studio Watch regarding selling to clients with a projector, my sales have started to increase with this golden nugget of information.

My average sale is about 400 pounds, however today was a nice 850 a far cry from the days of 75 pounds.
January 2011

I am lapping up your videos especially on the business side of life and trying to develop my skill as best i can. I,m looking at getting qualification and becoming a skilled photographer, one that clients will want to use time and time again delivering outstanding work. I am not a person that does things by half and i'm looking for any chances to learn and develop my abilities as a photographer and people communicator in the business world.
Once again many thanks for the webinar and also your great lectures on the PT4U site.
January 2011