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Some feedback from our members...

"So....". Last week I decided to watch Peter Hurley's 'simple lighting for portrait' on Creative Live. After 30 min of watching it I lost the will to live. It was all " me, me ,me, I, I, I," I then decided to pack up and have another go when I get home,. After 15 min of watching it at home I thought, dinner would be more digestible than Peter Hurley. Moral of the story is..... Mark Cleghorn Photography and the team are much more digestible, to the point, and put the message across in one third of the time than most of the so called educators in Creative Live." Sohaila

I've yet to get to the "accreditation" level, but working on it. Find the critiques helpful learning tools. Can "see" some of the things in images before you even say anything - proof I am becoming more aware as opposed to developing the ability to read your mind. Appreciate your succinct comments and the fact you attempt to find something encouraging in each image.


Thank you for a very interesting, instructive and enjoyable presentation. It was my first experience of a webinar and although I saw the SmugMug stand at the NEC Photographic Show, it was good to have what felt like my own personal tutorial on it. I have only just joined the Academy and cannot wait to utilise all of its training resources. Photography has always been a hobby, but I would love to make it into a business.


Just a short note to say congrats on the new format . Love the full screen and increase resolution.. Very much better for watching, in particular PS CC and other tutorials where you really need to see the detail on screen and characters etc.

Andy - Cork. Ireland. ( Previously born and bred in London ! )

Can I just day what a pleasure it was to attend the session yesterday in Harrow. The attention to detail that Mark and your team give to learning and communicating as well as the importance of professionalism and, frankly, the sheer amount of hard work required in what we do is inspiring.

And what I like most of all is Mark's ability to keep it real; run a business pragmatically, shooting real people in real conditions. And enjoy doing it. - Mark

I had an image submitted for your last live academy photo critique for you to comment on and do congratulate you on the way you are honest and constructive with your analysis of the images submitted.

The image I submitted was the one with the man going down the tunnel which I took down the salt mines in Poland, yes it was a quick take which you spotted strait away, and your advise about how it could have been improved on was excellent.
I do look forward to the next one, keep up the good advise.


SmugMug - great webinar. i will need to watch again to try out some of the features on my website.

Many thanks for an entertaining and informative hour. Always time well spent.

Your academy works, I've learnt so much from you thank you

Just wanted to add to my thoughts on the webinar tonight... that I am so pleased I joined the academy last week. I have watched over half a dozen videos already and am now saving for the 2 day wedding course. Can't make the July one as I am shooting a wedding in Scotland, which itself can only be enhanced by what I have learned already.
Cheers Jamie

Thanks very much for the last photo critique I found it really useful ! By my own admission I was nowhere close to being in control of the lighting but having watched some of your videos I know it will be a different matter next time I step in a studio .
Many thanks

This was my first time attending a photo critique session. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot.

Thanks for doing this - I appreciate your spending your time and effort.


Thanks for the informative critique last night, I continue to learn a lot from the feedback provided on all the images, not just my own. In fact I find I gain much from seeing how my opinion of other images compares with your professional critique.
I think the biggest lesson I learned last night is to try and detach any emotional connection with a favourite image and try and critique them as if observing it for the first time. Just because an image may have particular relevance to someone who knows the story behind it doesn't make it any better.

Su Kaye's webinar
I forgot to write the other week (when I finally joined up) and let you know how much I throughly enjoyed Su Kaye's webinar - made me want to use my iphone every moment of everyday. Wonderfully learnt somethig new, as didnt know about oggl - wonderful app - loving playing with it.

The Photographer Academy Apprentice competition, and what a great experience it was. Kind of miss the hills of Wales
Tom Keenan

I attended my first photo critique last week and really enjoyed the time. It was great to see all the images before you spoke Mark, as this is really helping my 'critical eye' develop when I think about it before I hear you. I'm surprised how I benefit from hearing your feedback on the other images as well as my own. It's great that you record the session so I can listen again and on occasion I may not be able to stay for the whole session. A great service and I'll be looking out my next submission soon.


Am finding the photography academy soooo helpful thank u so much for all that you do for us toggs

Thank you for airing the webinar.

I didn't catch all of it but what I did see was impressive.

I really like the style of your work, you make a wedding look easy !

I am so glad that you covered Fundy Album Designer - I have Fundy’s software for many years in its various versions from Version 1 to 5 and found it enjoyable to use - but in this latest version I could not get to grips with its methodology , but having just watched you for a few minutes, all the light bulbs came on at once - thank you for opening it to its true potential.


Just to say, thank you very much for this weeks 4 day webinars, they were great, so much to pack into an hour. Thoroughly enjoyed them.
Barry A