Portraiture Week 1 - Male Portraiture - Shoot Flow (Film 2) | The Photographer Academy

Portraiture Week 1 - Male Portraiture - Shoot Flow (Film 2)

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In this film Mark Cleghorn talks Headshots and Session Flow. Join us as we take you through a session in real time with todays model/actor/voiceover artist Dan Broderick. Mark highlights that for most a headshot shoot will consist of a one style/one look, however in some cases, whether you be working with an actor, dancer or a creative, a more of a three sided setup is more suited so that you can achieve a variety for the client and their agents. This shoot begins on a single setup in part one, Mark will take you through everything from posing the model, to arranging the lighting correctly to achieve the best results. In part 2, Mark completely changes his studio setup to create a three sided studio. Here he captures a variety of images that will be more suited to a client who needs a number of different looks to add to their portfolio.


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