OSY - Apprentice Quick Tip and Home Work | The Photographer Academy

OSY - Apprentice Quick Tip and Home Work

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In this film series you get to see some of "Osy's", the first ever PhotoTraining4U "Apprentice" Mark Osman's, basic photography training

Over the next 12 months you will be able to track "Osy" as he has been nicknamed on his training journey using a combination of specific films on PhotoTraining4U and hands on monthly tuition with Mark Cleghorn on his route to becoming a better photographer.

In this film Mark Cleghorn gives Osy's some basic camera skills as he corrects his shooting technique, to adjust his balance when shooting fto help when using slower shutter speeds. Plus Mark sets the first ever homework before the real training begins.

Osy's First Films to watch Generations part 2

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