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Photoshop - Sharpen Soften Vignette

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Finishing an image is what makes the difference, but in Photoshop if the techniques can be automated it will make the process and work-flow quicker leaving more time for creative application instead...Watch now

Photoshop CS4 Batch Presets using Photo Tools 1 Pro onOne Software

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Plug-ins for Photoshop are not a dirty word as they allow photographers to apply creative EFX to images no matter what skill level. In this film Mark Cleghorn shows us how he uses the simple...Watch now

Photoshop Basic Page Layout

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In this back 2 basics film in Photoshop Mark Cleghorn shows how to make 2 quick page layouts using some automation like guides and alignment. Film includes : - Adding Guides, Smart Guides, Stroke...Watch now

Photoshop CS4 - Content Aware Scale

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Content Aware Scaling is one of the great new features in Photoshop CS4, in this film Mark Cleghorn guides you through the basics of using this amazing new transform feature that allows you to crop...Watch now