Confetti and Lace X Part 4 - Bride and Groom - Groups | The Photographer Academy

Confetti and Lace X Part 4 - Bride and Groom - Groups

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Todays wedding is a Nick and Sophie and Mark has Wedding Apprentice Tracy Sinclair out with him today, Tracy mainly wanted to assist and shadow Mark on a wedding to see how he works, the variety he shoots. The wedding is at a beautiful church and then the reception is at the Celtic manor resort in Wales.

In this Part of confetti and lace 10 Mark at the church shooting the groom, groomsmen and usher portraits. Mark talks to Tracy about shooting at the church and the reel of images that he shoots with the groom, bestman, ushers and the list that he works from. Mark explains through his working exposures around the church and ready for when the bride arrives so you can capture the shot straight away with correct exposure.

Real and RAW is the only way to explain this type of wedding training by Mark Cleghorn, as you get to see how a working photographer copes under the pressures of a real wedding day, nothing fake here, as even the images have only been touched by camera RAW in conversion, so no Photoshop, just conversion from RAW to jpeg with some of the images selected to Black & White or Colour boosted

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