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Booking a Model for Boudoir Photography

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In this series Mark Cleghorn teaches you everything you need to now to start a Boudoir Business in 2021. With the world at present, starting a business in itself is a completely different landscape to previous years. With that starting a Boudoir Photography Business would also be a lot different in previous years also. As a whole Mark highlights that the most important first step in this industry is confidence building for many photographers and these videos are here to help you move into the world of Boudoir Photography with confidence and creativity combined.

In this Academy Business Film we join Mark Cleghorn in his Studio One office setup to discuss steps on booking a model for a boudoir shoot. Learn every step to negotiating contracts with models, highlighting how to convey what you want to achieve and how you can instantly get the model in your corner so you can both work together to achieve some amazing results and with that some amazing looking photography.

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