The Big Photo Ezine - May 2019 | The Photographer Academy

The Big Photo Ezine - May 2019


Image of the month Andrea Bagnasco

A Taste of Vietnam Ben Pollard

Photographing The Bridesmaids Kirsty Mattsson

Top Ten Photo Critique The Photographer Academy

Evolve Or Evaporate Feature  Photographer: Sanjay Jogia

From Beaches to Brides Canoë Segeren-Doherty

My First Shoot in Japan Marianne Chua

Surreal Images Angelo Van Der Klift

Shooting a Dutch-Eritrean Wedding Evert Doorn

Building and Maintaining My Photography Business Rafe Abrook

The Xperience Group The Artful Dog studios

My Journey in to Destination Wedding Photography Liam Crawley

Documenting The Unseen in India Weddings Divyam Mehrotra

Whistles, Feathers and a Faberge Egg. Allister Freeman

The Journey Bob Bowman

The Instagram Gallery The Photographer Academy

Whats Coming Up The Photographer Academy

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