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3XM is the brainchild of Ronan Ryle, Business Development Director of Photovalue Ltd. in Dublin, Ireland. He wanted to help photographers ‘make more money’ from their 'disc only' or 'shoot and burn' weddings. Our name was born out of this initial idea with the three letters ‘M’ from the phrase staying put (3 x M). Since then, 3XM has evolved quite dramatically to what it is today where we strive to deliver on "Your Selling Made Simple" for modern photographers. We will continue to adapt and grow based on feedback from the photography community.

We help photographers to deliver their digital files to their client, increase sales through referral marketing opportunities and sell professional print products to their client and their family & friends. Your selling made simple.


Treat your work and your clients the way they deserve to be treated. Delight your clients by presenting them with their digital files on a beautifully packaged custom USB drive. Brand it with your logo or your client's details for a truly professional finish. These are designed to impress!


Our client galleries are designed to make it easy to share and sell professional print products to not only your clients but their family and friends too. The gallery makes it super simple for people to share individual images, the entire gallery or even the slideshow on social media. Your details always go with it making it an extremely powerful referral marketing tool. We don't take any commission from product sales and you receive the profit from product sales within a couple of days via our payment provider Stripe.

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