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The Photographer Academy is designed to acknowledge your skill development and achievement by image submission, based on 7 of the components of image analysis and judging. As a training company it is essential that we set goals for members to achieve, this is of course optional but will give you something to stretch your skill training as well as your creativity.

Your Academy page is initially designed for you to populate with your images that best fulfil the components. You can add and subtract images as you wish. Once fully populated, you can submit for one of our qualifications which is included in your paid 12 month membership subscription.

If you wish, you can get a personal video critique of the full submission from one of the selected Photographer Academy Masters which carries a fee.

The 4 different levels of qualification in the Photographer Academy are: Accredited, Certification, Craftsman and Master Craftsman, each a higher level than the last allowing you to progress through submission.

Successful applicants will be granted a Certificate of Achievement as well as a digital stamp for web and publication use. Personal critique videos are charged at £89 outlining your strengths and weaknesses. Paper certificates are charged at £15 plus postage.

Unsuccessful applicants are recommended to pay for a video critique to understand the strengths and weaknesses and to help towards resubmission.

A maximum of 3 submissions is allowed per year.

The Qualifications

Accredited is an understanding and application of the 7 components showing a basic skill level.

Certification is the understanding and application of the 7 components to the overall submission showing a skill level that is beyond basic competence of photography skills with a professional bias. Distinction awarded CPA.

Craftsman is awarded for a high level of creativity and technical skill across the overall submission, with added emphasis onto the shoots and portfolio. For many applicants this will be the qualification level to strive towards as it will show off their true professional ability. Distinction awarded Cr.PA.

Master Craftsman is the highest achievement awarded by the Photographer Academy. The submission should demonstrate complete mastery of the 7 elements and in addition, the 4 session panels and portfolio will demonstrate the highest level of creativity, technical excellence and impact . When awarded, the qualification will signify complete mastery of their craft. Distinction awarded MCr.PA.